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When it’s time to re-roof your Auckland property, you need expert help. At Sika Services, our team are experienced and qualified, and we take an honest approach with recommendations for all our clients.

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Re-roofing and roof replacement are not the same thing, and if you want to be certain your roofing contractor is not pushing you to replace your roof prematurely, you need to build a relationship with a reputable company.

Re-roofing is the process of adding a new layer of roofing material over the existing layer of materials on your roof, and timely re-roofing can offset the need for a total roof replacement by years.

Remedial repairs and maintenance will only take you so far. If your roof has been neglected for a period of time or has been subject to hectic weather conditions without inspections, cleaning or repair services being booked, it’s likely that re-roofing may be a good option.

Signs You Need Re-Roofing for your Auckland property

In New Zealand, compliance requires that your roof is built to last, and if you choose a quality team to install and maintain your roof, you should get a minimum of 15 years – if you are proactive, you could get double that.

There are some obvious signs you need re-roofing – and there are more subtle signs. The best approach to identifying the optimal time to re-roof your Auckland property is to keep up to date with your roof inspections.

Visible Leaks

If you are visibly aware that your roof is leaking, it is likely to be a serious issue already. Visible leaks into the interior of your property can cause catastrophic damage, so it’s never a good idea to ignore them.

Rust or Corrosion

Left untreated, rust and corrosion can wreak havoc on your roof. While vigilance and a proactive maintenance plan can head off these issues, once rust has taken hold, you will need to act fast and order re-roofing Auckland services you can trust.

Moss and Mildew

Moss and mildew are fairly inevitable issues over time. If you have left your roof untreated for these unsightly growths, re-roofing may be on the cards.

Safety First

Checking your roof for signs of wear and tear is not something you should do yourself; you need to engage a professional team that is trained to work at height.
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Got a damaged or leaking roof? We can help. Our qualified and reliable team will assess your roof and recommend the best course of action. If you need re-roofing, it’s best not to wait, as issues escalate quickly.

A re-roof is more cost-effective than a replacement, so let us help you stay on top of all your roofing requirements today to offset premature replacement.

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