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Our Auckland team provide a reliable, cost-effective service, and we ensure minimal disruption to daily routines while we remove your old roof, dispose of it safely – and install your new roof.

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When do I need a roof replacement?

If you have been keeping up with regular inspections, maintenance and repairs, then you should know well in advance when it would be smart to book your new installation.

While this is true in most cases, sometimes you need an emergency roofing solution – Sika can help either way..


Your roof will have a natural lifespan; different materials have different approximate expectations attached; however, in New Zealand, your roof should legally last a minimum of 15 years.

You may extend your roof’s longevity with regular maintenance and a proactive repair schedule. At Sika Services, we recommend you schedule an inspection twice a year – and after any major weather event.

This will ensure you make the most of your current roof, and it will allow you to be informed in advance when you have an outlay for a new roof on the horizon. Generally speaking, if your roof is around 20 years old, it is likely you need to replace it to ensure your assets remain protected from moisture ingress.

Visible Failure

If you have already repaired your roof on a number of occasions and it keeps letting water in, you may need to look at roof replacement. You may note that light is getting in if you check your attic or subroof space, or there could be mould, mildew or moss creeping inside your home or commercial property.

You could have sustained catastrophic damage during a weather event or just want a new roof to add value to your property. Whatever the reason, we can help.

Don’t Delay!

If you think your home, business or industrial building is in need of a replacement, it is essential that you contact a roofing company you can trust. The team at Sika are highly qualified and has extensive experience – and we can provide excellent testimonials from our long list of happy customers.

The key to keeping your property protected is to take a proactive attitude to caring for your Auckland roof. Neglecting roof repairs or putting off crucial maintenance work may prematurely lead to the need for a new roof.

Don’t put off taking care of your roof or replacing your roof. Once your roofing has been compromised, you may rapidly suffer structural damage to your property.

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Which roofing materials do we offer for your new roof?

Rolled Asphalt & Butynol Roof

Longrun Roofing

Concrete Roof Tiles

Terracotta Roof Tiles

Tin / Pressed Metal Roof Tiles

Decromastic Coated Tiles

Clearlight Roofing


Corrugated Roofing

Metdek Profile Roofing

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