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Does your spouting need some care and attention? Are you looking at a new build or refurbishment? We can help.

Protecting your property from water ingress is essential, and maintaining the spouting on your residential or commercial property is a vital step towards ensuring your valuable assets remain safe, dry and healthy.

Properly installed and maintained spouting will divert rainwater towards your drains or harvesting tanks, ensuring that your roof system, cladding, and the ground around your home or business remain free of damaging moisture ingress.

Allowing your spouting to fall into disrepair or delaying repairs and maintenance can cause minor issues to snowball – call today to avoid unnecessary stress and expense.

Need Gutter Repairs in Auckland?

Chances are, if you googled it, you probably do! Failed spouting can allow moisture to enter your property and result in devastating damage.
So, what are some of the signs that indicate you need to call in your local experts?

General Wear & Tear

Your guttering takes a hammering, especially over the winter months. Like anything else you own of value, you need to be vigilant about repairs and maintenance on a regular basis. General wear and tear may include missing brackets and cracked or broken sections of spouting, and you could find stop ends that have degraded or disappeared.

Weather Damage

Storms can fling a lot of organic matter and other debris onto your roof, which will largely end up in your spouting. Blocked spouting very quickly gets overloaded, and the pressure can cause damage to your eavestroughs and downspouts.

Sagging or Leaking Spouting

If your roofing system has been irreparably damaged by weather or some other event, and you need an emergency roofing solution, Sika can help with a rapid response. We will get a crew on site fast, assess your damage, write up a precise quote and recommendations – and then come and sort your roof out.

The Spouting Services you Need

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Don’t Delay

Repairing and clearing your gutters twice a year is ideal, and we also recommend you call in the professionals after significant weather events to be certain water is not entering your residential or commercial property due to a failed spouting.


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