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Need Roof Inspections Auckland-Wide?

If you want to take care of your commercial or residential property, booking regular roof inspections is a good idea. If you are buying or selling a property, it pays to order your own roof inspection to ensure that any reporting is accurate.

Sika offers a comprehensive roof inspection service, which will include a detailed report and recommendations designed to keep your roof system in excellent condition. We can carry out the required repairs and maintenance for you, and we offer competitive pricing and processes that will ensure minimal disruption.

Staying aware of the condition of your roof allows you to deal with minor problems before they unfold into major issues. It also gives you plenty of advanced warning if significant work may be required up ahead.

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When we inspect your roof, we take a rigorous approach; read on to discover a few of the items that will be included in your inspection report.


We check to ensure that all your flashings are in good order and that none are missing, and we make certain that water is not making its way into your property via cracks or gaps created by failing flashings.

Rainwater Dispersal System

Your roof inspection will take in the state of your spouting, downpipes and rainwater heads. We will check for cracks and missing or broken components and let you know if you need to replace, repair or unclog your gutters.

Roof Surface

The Sika Services crew will check for buckled runs, missing shingles or tiles, and visible cracks in your roofing system. We will inspect for water pooling and check if there are sections of your roof that are sagging. Your inspection will include identifying where mildew and mould are forming, and we will let you know where lichen and moss need to be removed.


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We offer an end-to-end service, and you can rely on us to repair and maintain your roof – and the rest of your property to the highest standard. 

Book an assessment today to better understand the state of your roof, head off escalating issues, or prepare and plan for what’s up ahead.

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