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For Spouting Repairs Auckland-Wide

Need spouting repairs in Auckland? Sika Services has you covered.

We are the best in the business for keeping your spouting in excellent condition, and we also offer full property maintenance services that keep your home or business looking great.

Your roof protects your property when every component is in good condition – including your spouting and downpipes. Rainwater hits your roof, and if your guttering is kept clean and in good repair, the interior of your property will remain protected from moisture ingress as it is diverted safely away.

Get in touch now to deal with small issues before they become major problems.

What happens if my spouting is broken or clogged?

Broken, cracked, clogged, or missing components on your spouting can have devastating consequences for the health of your property.

If water is not properly diverted off your roof, it can end up pooling, causing rust, corrosion and mould to form. You may end up with leaks, and your broken or clogged gutters can also divert water into your cladding – which can lead to catastrophic damage to the integral structure of your home or commercial property.

It’s just not worth the risk of delaying repairs and maintenance.

Get in touch with our expert team now to avoid unnecessary expenses and avoidable headaches.

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How do I know if I need my spouting repaired?

If you have let your maintenance lapse, or if you have not had your spouting cleaned, cleared or repaired for over a year, the chances are pretty high that you have issues developing.

The best way forward is to get the Sika Services team around as soon as possible to assess your spouting and let you know what is required to make sure it is still protecting your property from the harmful effects of water ingress.

Below are a few signs to look out for that will indicate you need to call us urgently.

Missing Components

Hectic weather can wreak havoc on your spouting, so it pays to get a full inspection after the winter months or wild weather events. When debris collects on your roof, it can cause your spouting to clog, and high winds and overloaded gutters can result in missing components, including brackets and stop ends.

Leaking or Sagging Gutters

If your gutters get clogged with organic matter, they will degrade quickly as leaves and other debris begin to rot. Sections of overloaded spouting will often start to sag, which creates tension along the length of your gutters and can pull your entire system out of alignment. If you don’t stay on top of repairs, you may find leaks around the elbows, brackets and ends of your spouting.


Call Now

Repairing small issues with your rainwater dispersal system can save you big money in the long run, so call now to ensure your home and your wallet stay protected.

The Sika team offers a full range of gutter repair services – and much more – to property owners and managers across the Auckland region.

We provide a comprehensive service that can include cleaning, unclogging, repairs and replacement. We can book you in for regular scheduled maintenance, and you can call us if an emergency situation develops suddenly.

Get in touch today for targeted repairs and general property maintenance requirements.

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