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If the spouting on your commercial or residential property needs a complete overhaul, or you have gutter sections that are no longer fit for purpose, we can help.

Your gutters form an integral part of your roofing system, and keeping your spouting in good repair helps you maintain the overall aesthetic of your property. Delaying required work on your spouting can result in water entering your property, causing damage that can quickly snowball into a costly nightmare.

When all your gutter components are in top condition – including your spouting and downpipes – your property’s interior, cladding, and framework will remain protected from moisture ingress.

Get in touch with Sika Services now to deal with minor issues before they become significant problems.

When do I need to book a removal and refit?

Broken, cracked, clogged, or missing components on your spouting can have devastating consequences for the health of your property.

If water is not properly diverted off your roof, it can end up pooling, causing rust, corrosion and mould to form. You may end up with leaks, and your broken or clogged gutters can also divert water into your cladding – which can lead to catastrophic damage to the integral structure of your home or commercial property.

It’s not worth the risk of delaying a new installation if required.

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Do I need a full replacement?

There are some fairly clear signs that it’s time to book with Sika Services – and some less obvious ones. It’s always best to call in professionals to properly inspect all the components on your roof a couple of times a year and after major weather events.

If you stay on top of inspections, maintenance, clearing and repairs, you may be able to offset the chances of needing a premature gutter replacement.

A few signs to look out for that will indicate you need to call us urgently are splits and cracks, mould and mildew forming on cladding or in your basement and peeling or bubbling paint near guttering.

Splits or Cracks

If you notice you have drips coming from sections of your spouting, it’s best to deal with it promptly. Small cracks can quickly expand into damaging splits, which, left untreated, may lead to the need for premature replacement.

Bubbling or Peeling Paint

Peeling or bubbling paint near your guttering is an indicator that they have degraded past the point of no return. You should also look out for flecks of rust as a sign that it is time to upgrade your spouting system.

Many older properties are still fitted with metal guttering components, so selecting to replace these with a more contemporary style will help you avoid damage to your property before it has time to escalate.


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It’s always better to call in the professionals for jobs at height, and you certainly shouldn’t attempt replacement of your own spouting. The Sika team will arrive with all the relevant safety equipment. We work fast with minimal disruption and offer cost-effective solutions.

Get in touch today for targeted repairs, replacements and general property management requirements.

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